Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charleston '10

On Sunday Kingston and I returned from a trip to Isle of Palms, SC with my college friends and their families. We had the best time!

On Wednesday after work, Kingston and I headed to Raleigh to spend the night with Mere and her family before heading down to IOP on Thursday. The kids had the best time playing together. Sam and Kingston wore the matching PJ's that I bought them a while ago. They were really close to being too small for both of them, but they squeezed into them one more time for photo's sake!

The three blondies.

The trip down was so much more enjoyable with Mere, Sam and Ella along for the ride. We took our time but made great time, only stopping once for lunch at Cracker Barrel (Yum. I'm sorry as I can be but I do like that place.) and a rest area pit stop. Once we sorted out the fact that our rental agent had double booked our house and we had to go to a different one than originally booked, we anxiously awaited the arrival of all of our friends.

Eleven adults and 8 children. Good times. Four boys and 4 girls. Good odds. Somehow, Kingston ended up playing with the stroller and baby doll quite a bit.

But then Grant showed him a much more manly thing to do with the doll stroller! They looped and looped around the living room, giggling all the way. Boys!

The beach was gorgeous and we spent a bit of time down there. I guess it is sort of old news to Kingston, however, because he preferred to swim in the pool. And I do mean swim. He fully puts his head in the water, kicks and paddles, and can swim to me from the steps. I was amazed. He did so great.
But photo ops were best at the beach because I wasn't having to fish Kingston up from the bottom of the pool. You see, he can get from one place to another, but he still can't quite get his head back above the water! Baby steps. . .

Sam, Kingston and Grant had a great time playing in the sand.

Amazingly, we got all of the kids sitting in one spot at the same time (minus Ella who hadn't arrived yet as she was spending QT with her daddy) and no one was crying. A miracle.

On Saturday night, Kers' sister-in-law and brother-in-law who live nearby came over after all of the kids went to bed to stay with them so that we could go out to dinner. What a great success!! We went to Taco Boy in Charleston proper and had a great mango margarita (or maybe that was just me) a great meal (and really bad service) and so much fun. It was wonderful to get out and be adults! We were home by 10:45 and Lynn and Michael reported that there was not a peep heard from any of the children all night. Amazing.
And here we are in all our cuteness:

Front left to right-Ryan (childhood friend of Lars and Kers), Mere (Core 4), Mindi (Kers' college roommate)
Back left to right-Lars (Core 4), Kers (Core 4 + Kers), Lor

On Sunday morning before we headed out (a day early-we missed Da-da and home) Kers had Kingston, McLain and Grant's undivided attention as she let them play games on her computer. Oh, Auntie Kers. You are the best. And you are so brave. Kers and Joe are the only couple in the house without children and they still hung out with us and are willing to do it again!

There is nothing in the world quite like hanging with your real, true girlfriends. I love these girls with all my heart and love seeing the families that they have created. We all have wonderful children who got along amazingly well and were very well behaved. And the husbands are good ones, too.
I'm already looking forward to IOP next year. I think our realtor owes us big next year. Real big!