Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Boy Torture!

For a boy, Kingston had a miserable day. First, I rushed him around the house this morning and he didn't even get his morning Jumperoo session in. I forced him to take his nap (which was only about 45 minutes) in his carseat on the way to Virginia. I then made him walk around Greenbrier Mall (eew! been there lately?) for an hour until time for his photo shoot. Then the tired and hungry baby was expected to be smiley and cute for pictures at JC Penney!

After that I took him shopping at Babies R Us for way too long. He fell asleep in the cart, leaning over and resting on my purse with a blanket that I was purchasing on top. He slept for maybe 10 minutes until time to get BACK in the car.

Next, I would like to claim Wife/Daughter-In-Law/Granddaughter-In-Law of the Year because I stopped by Nigel's Grandmother's house for a visit. I didn't call, I just stopped in unprompted. She was so excited to see Kingston since she had only seen him twice until today. It was a really good thing to do because I know how special it was to her. We stayed about 45 minutes.

Finally, we went to Target for a few. Kingston was really tired but not really wanting to sleep. I ended up holding him and pushing the cart for 1/2 of the trip, which I tried to keep as short as possible. He did score a new toy, though, so it really wasn't that bad for him! Pictures playing with that to come, I'm sure.

After stopping for a visit with Grandpa on the way in (the highlight of the day for Kingston, I'm sure) we went to my friend Nicole's house for a trunk show. My friends Angie and Brandi have a website,, and they were having a sale at Nicole's. So I drug Kingston there, tired, hungry and over it. I stayed way too long and just got home at 9:00.

Having been all over town today, hungry, tired and probably pretty bored, Kingston was SUCH a good boy. He behaved on all accounts, especially at Nicole's at the end of the long day. I pushed him to his limits and he still was so chill. I am so lucky to have such a cool baby boy!

Shopping, pictures, more shopping. . . Kingston's dad definitely wouldn't have behaved nearly as good!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wanna See Something Funny?

Cracks me up every time. He is a Jumperoo maniac!

Hello Nana!

Nana is out of town AGAIN this week. Grandpa likes to rub in the fact that he has seen Kingston a few times since she has been gone. (Warning, Nana: we saw him at Winks today so get ready for the bragging!) So this blog is dedicated to out of town Nana-our newest reader.

I took some pictures yesterday and today so that Nana can see Kingston. The first one is Monster Butt in a new outfit that Sarah gave him. Check out that bum!

I put a Banana flavored puff in his mouth and he didn't quite know what to do with it. It cracked me up, though, because it looks like teeth! I sometimes call him Bubba and with a set of chops like this, it's a perfect name!

I took this last picture this morning because Kingston is wearing an outfit that Nana bought him last time she went out of town. Thanks, Nana! It looked too big but it isn't!

So, there, Nana. Kingston is missing you and can't wait to see you on Friday. When Grandpa brags that he saw him today, you can brag and say that you were the subject of Kingston's blog today!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Great Day at the Beach!

We met Pappy at the beach at Pea Island this afternoon. It was a little breezy and occasionally overcast but a perfect day nonetheless. The pictures pretty much tell the story.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Long Day With Nana

I volunteered to work a concession for High Cotton today and tomorrow. Nana (Mom) is home this week for one of the 2 weeks she will be in town this summer and offered to watch Kingston. I gladly took her up on the offer and had my first totally full day without my sweet boy. I have actually been looking forward to this for a few days now. Every now and then it is nice to re-join the "real world" and have some time to yourself (well, to yourself and a few thousand other people at the Arts Festival!).

So the day was great. I sold hot dogs and hamburgers like it was going out of style! Kingston got to hang out with Nana all day and meet all of her friends. He loved it. I loved it. Nana loved it. We all had a good day.

I was so happy to see him when we all met for dinner at Rundown. He gave me the biggest smile and it made my day! Absence really does make the heart grow fonder! I love that little boy! He was a good boy at dinner, eating his sweet potatoes in the high chair like a big boy. After a long day with Nana he was totally pooped and fell right asleep when I put him down when we got home.

And we are both ready to do it all again tomorrow. Gotta love a good Nana.

Friday, June 13, 2008

And We're Home!

Hooray. We made it to Chuck-town and back! Lots of time in the car. Too much crappy food (except for the Hominy Grill in Charleston, if anyone ever goes there, check it out). Not too many crazy adventures. A good time all around.

But it sure is nice to be home. Kingston went to bed at his normal 8:00 hour tonight. We aren't the biggest on schedules, but I am glad to get back to the semi-schedule that we do have.

We are lucky to get to travel with Nigel while he works. It makes his traveling easier for all of us. My job is great in that we get to go along. I still booked 4 caterings while on the road, though! Perfect situation.

Welcome home to us!

Monday, June 9, 2008

And We're Off!

To South Carolina. We will be riding along with Nigel as he visits some accounts in Myrtle Beach and Charleston. It is a long trip but one we enjoy. The last time we went with him, Kingston was only about 3 months old. He slept for most of the trip. This time will prove to be a bit different, I feel sure! Wish us luck!

I hate to pack for a trip. And it really stinks to pack for a baby, too. SO much crap you have to take with you. I should be packing right now instead of playing on the computer. Oh, well. I guarantee I'll be ready before Nigel is in the morning! I can somehow manage to get myself and the baby ready before him most of the time!

Happy travels to us!

Friday, June 6, 2008

He Did it AGAIN!

In fact, he is still doing it! Kingston slept all night last night unswaddled for the second night in a row. Hooray! We woke up more times last night for our stupid dog than for Kingston. Grrrr. But that is a blog for another day! The only time I had to get up for Kingston was twice when his face ended up in the bumper and he would start to whimper. He wasn't awake and I scooted him away from it and put him back on his side and he never skipped a beat! I don't mind the quick little trips to his room-I'm barely awake. As long as I don't have to hang out in his room and try to get him back to sleep. . .

And he is sleeping late this morning which is even better. I'm off to shower and get a few things done before my sweet little bundle of joy looking so cute in his jammies gets up. Love that kid!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


At least for one night! Kingston slept all night last night in just his new PJ's. (I think Missy is right-new PJ's make everyone sleep better!) He only made noise once and I just went in and put him back on his side and he never really even woke up. I am so excited!!! It may have just been a fluke, but I'll take it anyway!

Yippee for swaddleless sleeping! And he looks so darn cute in those Jammies!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wish Us Luck!

Tonight is the first night Kingston is attempting to sleep through the night without being swaddled. Yikes! Last night he woke up twice after busting out of his swaddler so we figured if he was waking us up while being swaddled, we might as well bite the bullet and take the swaddler off. We have selfishly been putting this off because, well, if it ain't broke. . . He had consistently slept through the night for about 3 weeks straight until last night. I think the time has come.

I went to Belk and bought him some cute new jammies to get him inspired. They have flying dragons on them. Nothing says sleep like flying dragons, I like to think. I covered him in the crochet blanket his Great Grandmama made him. Does anyone know how old they should be to sleep covered by a blanket? It might be too soon, and I will probably take it off of him before I go to bed.

So wish us luck. If you see me tomorrow and I am really grumpy and tired looking, you'll know it didn't go so well!