Thursday, January 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

  • Kingston and I recently went on a "hike" through Nags Head Woods with some friends. It was tons of fun and I look forward to doing it again soon when it permanently warms up.
  • Nigel is in Jamaica for the week on a much-needed surf trip with some of his best guy friends. We miss him a lot and look forward to seeing him on Tuesday.
  • While Nigel has been gone, Kingston has been sick. He didn't go to Mrs. Cindy's house either day he was supposed to this week since he had a fever and was out of sorts. I think he had the croup, which is no fun for anyone.
  • I have had to get creative with my training this week (yeah, I'm training for a full marathon). Luckily, I'm only supposed to run 3 miles each weekday run this week and 15 miles on Sunday. I've got the Sunday run covered already but I had to do some thinking to get the other runs in. I refused to take a pitiful, sick kid to the Child Watch at the Y for a workout so I looked to family to save the day! Aunt Freda watched him for 30 minutes on Wednesday after we had haircuts in Manteo so that I could run. Then tonight my dad came over to stay with Kingston while I did a quick run. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to take Kingston to the Y in the morning to get out of the house and complete my weekday runs.
  • Mom, you are not allowed to leave town at the same time as Nigel ever again. Thanks for understanding.
  • We switched to DIRECTV and now have a DVR. Oh, DVR, where have you been all my life? When Nigel returns he won't be able to complain about how much I'm on my computer. Now he will wonder if I will ever stop watching TV! I have recorded, watched, paused and re-watched too much TV in the last 2 days. Oops.
  • I watch Jersey Shore. I'm sorry, but I do. And now I can DVR it.
  • Able (the dog) ran away while the DIRECTV guy was installing. He came back, like he always does, but his time covered in poop. Great! So now I have a really annoying dog who misses Nigel, who sleeps in my bed and will not allow me to give him a bath or even wipe him down sufficiently, who smells bad. Really bad.
  • I am proud of myself. I have inspired a few people, I think! Since running the 1/2 marathon in November, I have inspired my mom and aunt to walk a 1/2 marathon here in April. I have inspired my girls Lars and Ball to run a 1/2 marathon in Atlanta in March. I have inspired my dad to get back into running after years off and now he is running frequent races and is in great shape. And I have inspired myself to run a full marathon in Virginia Beach in March.
  • That is that for now.