Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at Kitty Hawk Methodist Church. It was lots of fun! Kingston had a blast and got a ton of eggs.

Wonder why he got so many eggs?

Kingston set off to find 'em. He wasn't exactly sure what to do, but he figured it out.

I found one! We had to encourage him to pick up some more. Once he got started, he couldn't stop!

Oooh! There's one!

How am I doing, Dad?

Things are getting a little out of hand at this point. He hasn't moved a foot but his basket is full!

Towards the end he was even putting eggs in other people's baskets! He was either sharing, or he thought he could take that basket home, too. We never determined which it was. We did have to lure him to the car with Tootsie Rolls, I have to admit.

Dad carried the loot to the car. He dropped about 6 eggs along the way, said a few choice words, then decided we should have brought a bigger basket. Next year.

Such a fun day with the family. We have had a few egg hunts in the living room since then. I think we have a new favorite game.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

Kingston is a busy boy. VERY busy.

I walked into the bathroom recently to find this:

Apparently Curious George had some chaffing or a rash or something because Kingston felt the need to cover him in baby powder. (Or baby powders, as some would say. Ball, that one's for you!)

A few days later I went into the living room to find 2 pairs of Kingston's shoes placed in front of the TV. Okaaaaay. . . (And no, there isn't supposed to be a Curious George theme. That's just lucky.)

Today we were getting ready to go for a bike ride to the park. We got as far as putting the helmet on and then Kingston got sidetracked. Kingston is so tough. He plays so hard, he needs a helmet!

We took a walk around the pond at the park and Nigel did most of the random exercises posted at intervals. Kingston chose to do the "Bend Drop". The what?! Arms up. . .

And arms down. . .

Oh, never a dull moment around here. There's always something silly happening! And we are loving every minute of it. I'm lying. Not every minute. But a majority of it. Well at least a lot of it. Depending on the day. And time. And amount of sugar and sleep. And health. And. . .