Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Genius

What do you do after your son creates a beautiful painting with a combination of lots of every color of paint in globs that won't dry for days and with the bowls once used for said paint strategically stuck to said picture in a fashion that resembles boobs?

You go to rinse his arms off in the sink and end up just putting his whole body in there!

And how do you explain for days following that you can't sit in the sink every day but only on special occasions? We haven't figured that part out yet.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I can't believe it is October already. Crazy. We've been pretty busy for the past few weeks. I have more pictures but they are on my camera. And my camera is in my car. And I'm not going down to get it. Because I ran 4 miles this morning and I don't have to do anything I don't want to today. Except go to work. . .

One morning a few weeks ago Michelle and I were headed home and on mile 9 of our 10 mile run when I saw Kingston's best buddy, Liam, waiting with his mom and dad for his sister to get on the bus. I may or may not have yelled, "Boy, put some pants on!" to Liam, who was just in a T and diaper. I cannot be held accountable for things I do at mile 9.

I went home and told Kingston that I had seen Liam while I was running. Ever since, if Kingston sees me in my running clothes (I guess the spandex is the big clue) he says, "Mommy go running? You see Liam?" The boy never forgets anything. Cute.

So here we are at Nana and WoWo's house after WoWo and I ran 11 miles on Saturday. No, we didn't see Liam. Kingston was showing me what he wanted out of the Thomas The Tank Engine catalogue. (That would be pretty much everything, if you must know.)

After I got a shower and Nana made me some cheese toast we headed to Aunt Freda's school for the Pumpkin Fair and to meet up with my cousin, Jason, and his little girl, Kori.

Kingston picked the smallest, most expensive pumpkin on the lot! In this case, size did not matter, but the type did (A Cinderella pumpkin?), and we walked away with a really cool, but way too expensive $9.00 pumpkin that will sit on our porch and rot. But anyway. . .

I got to get my hands on "Baby Kori" for a bit. She was so sweet!

Kingston just wanted to pick up the pumpkins. He really could have cared less about bringing one home, he just wanted to pick them up. So why did we end up with a $9.00 pumpkin? Good question. And why didn't I get a picture of said pumpkin? Also a valid question. I just didn't, OK? OK.

When we went inside to see the bake sale and silent auction Nana suggested Kingston hold on to Kori's stroller and help take care of her. Kingston thought it was a great idea and Kori thought Kingston was hilarious! Perfect.

Kori and Jason. Too cute!

Kingston was so sweet with Kori. He didn't want her to go home and he even brought her some toys to play with. She thought he was really funny, especially when he jumped on his trampoline right in her face. Sometimes Kingston doesn't like babies to touch his stuff or be in his room or be held by his mommy, but he didn't seem to mind Kori being around at all! It was so sweet!

Welcome, October! We are loving the activities so far. A great visit from great people, a fun visit to the pumpkin patch and quality time with Nana and WoWo. And more to come!
Bring it on!