Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Genius

What do you do after your son creates a beautiful painting with a combination of lots of every color of paint in globs that won't dry for days and with the bowls once used for said paint strategically stuck to said picture in a fashion that resembles boobs?

You go to rinse his arms off in the sink and end up just putting his whole body in there!

And how do you explain for days following that you can't sit in the sink every day but only on special occasions? We haven't figured that part out yet.


Rendy said...

The artist is just trying to express himself and he did! About the kitchen sink bathing......I remember bathing my two in the sink with one on one side and one on the other. The house did not have a bathtub and the sink worked just fine! Remember?

Anonymous said...

I hope the two of you will have many special occasions so taking a bath in the kitchen sink will happen over and over and over again! Better watch the future girlfriends; Kingston may be checking her boob potential!
Love it,