Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at Kitty Hawk Methodist Church. It was lots of fun! Kingston had a blast and got a ton of eggs.

Wonder why he got so many eggs?

Kingston set off to find 'em. He wasn't exactly sure what to do, but he figured it out.

I found one! We had to encourage him to pick up some more. Once he got started, he couldn't stop!

Oooh! There's one!

How am I doing, Dad?

Things are getting a little out of hand at this point. He hasn't moved a foot but his basket is full!

Towards the end he was even putting eggs in other people's baskets! He was either sharing, or he thought he could take that basket home, too. We never determined which it was. We did have to lure him to the car with Tootsie Rolls, I have to admit.

Dad carried the loot to the car. He dropped about 6 eggs along the way, said a few choice words, then decided we should have brought a bigger basket. Next year.

Such a fun day with the family. We have had a few egg hunts in the living room since then. I think we have a new favorite game.


Lauren said...

So fun, Lor! And that little boy of yours is so cute!!

Kathy said...

Looks like it didn't take Kingston long to figure out the egg hunt! Now the eggs can provide entertainment for the whole week as you hide them inside and then outside when the sun shines again. Sure brings back happy memories from LONG ago with my boys...hiding them over & over & over... Hope you guys have a Happy Easter:)

Rendy said...

This brings back memories for me of a blonde little girl that picked up egg, after egg, after egg at an Easter egg hunt at the Wright Memorial. Her granddaddy said she looked like a "chicken pecking corn" the way was popping up and down gathering eggs! Oh...about 30 years ago! Love those memories AND the new ones being made too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!
I hope all of you have a HOPPING Good Easter!