Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Have a Really Good Excuse!

I have a really good excuse for not posting for a while. I swear! Check this out. And before you watch, I apologize for the use of the word "menstruation" in the video. It's one of those words that I hate to say, much less hear, and this lady really defines why I feel that way. Ew.

So that was my doctor, and that was pretty much the exact description of my symptoms, surgery and recovery. It's been almost a week and I feel great! I LOVE Dr. Jack Inge! He is my new favorite big girl doctor! If I lived even just a little bit closer to Raleigh, he would definitely be my OB/GYN and he would deliver any future baby/babies (if there happen to be one/any). Don't get me wrong, my doctors here are great, but Dr. Inge is just amazing.

What was Kingston doing while Nigel and I were in Raleigh having a little surgical get-away? Good question. Luckily Nana is a persistent photographer.

Don't ask about the "yard ornament." Just don't ask. What is it? How did your mom and dad acquire it? Why do they still have it? I said don't ask. None of the answers are good ones. Believe me.

We were very lucky to have my mom and dad available to help take care of Kingston and me. Nigel was a very helpful nurse. My Core 4 friend, Mere, who really is a nurse, was so awesome while we were at Rex in Raleigh. She works there and was always right there when we needed her. My Core 4 friend, Lars, sent me chocolate covered strawberries in the hospital that I wasn't allowed to eat until the morning following my surgery. Can you say, torture?! My friends Pete and Brooke so kindly brought us dinner one night that was delicious and much needed!
We have some amazing people around us. It stinks that it takes something like a surgery to realize and appreciate them all. Thanks, friends! Your attention and gestures have not gone unnoticed.
I'm baaaa-aaaack!

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Rendy said...

Dr. Inge should have interviewed you! You are so much prettier and well spoken...not that I am bias or anything. Just so glad that the surgery was done at Rex and you are back to being you so quickly! As for being close to your family and "helping"....nothing makes WoWo and I happier than spending time with our family.