Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Accidents Happen

Does this look like the face of a little boy with a broken collar bone?

Well it is.

I dropped Kingston off at Mom's Morning Out this morning and ran some errands and did a little work. When I went to pick him up one of the moms was holding him and he looked upset. That is very unusual for him, since he hardly ever wants anyone to hold him except for me, and he rarely cries (when I'm not around). The moms said he was fighting with another little boy over a train and one of them let go and Kingston went flying. They thought he had hit his head or maybe scratched his neck.

I set Kingston down to look for his belongings and he would start to cry every now and then. When we got out to the car I looked at his neck and shoulder and saw that it was a little swollen looking. We came home to regroup and call the doctor and Nigel suggested we go straight to Urgent Care. Since Kingston's pediatrician's office is closed from 12-1 (Really? I know everyone needs lunch but seriously.), we went to the Urgent Care that he has been to before on a weekend.

After poking and prodding and a surprisingly improved attitude, we were beginning to think we had jumped the gun. After seeing the x-ray, we were proved wrong. His little left collar bone was snapped.

Motrin, Tylenol and a lot of TLC is what's on tap for the next week or so. He would probably not tolerate a figure 8 brace, nor would he keep a sling on, so there isn't much else to do. He is starting to figure out what movements hurt and what he can get away with. The doctor said it should take about 6 weeks to fully heal, 4 weeks of at least some pain, and one week that is "going to suck." Gotta love a doctor who keeps it real!

I'm bummed that I wasn't there when it happened, but especially bummed that it happened at all. But, as they say, accidents happen, and I don't think anyone is to blame. I'm just ready to get back to lunches at the park,

going for jogs (him, not me!),

and playing with Able (AKA Bo-bo).

Say a little prayer for my baby boy. He is hurting. But he will be better in no time!


Anonymous said...

Justin, our son, broke his collar bone when he was about 5 years old. Joe, his dad, was swinging him around and thud Justin went flying. I was not at home, but met them on the highway going to the doctors. We both stopped and got in one car and headed on to the doctors. Justin wore a very, very soft sling (brace) for several weeks and he went on with a 5 year old's life. Take care of our Kingston and I will say a prayer to help ease his pain, plus Mommy's pain!
Enjoy keeping track of you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the 3 of you!! I'm sure you will find some awesome things for you guys to do in the meantime!! Happy healing Kingston!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy! Hang in there guys! PS Left you some love on my blog! Check it out!

Dallas & Kiran

Rendy said...

Kingston is being such a brave little man and Mommy is being very brave too! Since he is the last member of the family to need "special attention" I hope the Haynes family is headed to good health for many, many years to come!