Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello Nana!

Nana is out of town AGAIN this week. Grandpa likes to rub in the fact that he has seen Kingston a few times since she has been gone. (Warning, Nana: we saw him at Winks today so get ready for the bragging!) So this blog is dedicated to out of town Nana-our newest reader.

I took some pictures yesterday and today so that Nana can see Kingston. The first one is Monster Butt in a new outfit that Sarah gave him. Check out that bum!

I put a Banana flavored puff in his mouth and he didn't quite know what to do with it. It cracked me up, though, because it looks like teeth! I sometimes call him Bubba and with a set of chops like this, it's a perfect name!

I took this last picture this morning because Kingston is wearing an outfit that Nana bought him last time she went out of town. Thanks, Nana! It looked too big but it isn't!

So, there, Nana. Kingston is missing you and can't wait to see you on Friday. When Grandpa brags that he saw him today, you can brag and say that you were the subject of Kingston's blog today!

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Rendy said...

Kingston is one lucky little man to have "Kingston's Mom" for his own! You are too sweet! I loved the blog and the pictures too of course. I laughed so loud that I'm sure the guest in the next room wonders what is going on! Thanks for bringing my special family closer while I am on the road. (You are right....Grandpa called and bragged about showing Kingston off at Winks today!)Can't wait to see you all on Friday.
Love, Nana (Mom)