Friday, June 6, 2008

He Did it AGAIN!

In fact, he is still doing it! Kingston slept all night last night unswaddled for the second night in a row. Hooray! We woke up more times last night for our stupid dog than for Kingston. Grrrr. But that is a blog for another day! The only time I had to get up for Kingston was twice when his face ended up in the bumper and he would start to whimper. He wasn't awake and I scooted him away from it and put him back on his side and he never skipped a beat! I don't mind the quick little trips to his room-I'm barely awake. As long as I don't have to hang out in his room and try to get him back to sleep. . .

And he is sleeping late this morning which is even better. I'm off to shower and get a few things done before my sweet little bundle of joy looking so cute in his jammies gets up. Love that kid!

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'Mrs. B' said...

Oh!!! Two nights in a row! That's no fluke! ;) Congrats!

I'm sorry we didn't get to get together this time, we'll be back for the 4th of July so- we'll plan a date in advance & hopefully no one will get sick this time! :)