Monday, September 21, 2009

Montauk, NY

Immediately following our family trip to Charleston, Nigel had sales meetings in New York. He left on Tuesday and his meetings ran through Thursday. Nigel's boss asked if he wanted to fly me in on Thursday night and spend the weekend with he and his wife in Montauk. After doing some schedule finagling, begging and asking for a lot of favors in regards to childcare, we worked it out!

My mom drove me to the airport after work on Thursday and away I went to Long Island, New York for the first time. Wendi flew in just a few minutes before I did so Ron and Nigel picked us up at the airport and took us back to the house where the boys had stayed all week. We spent most of Friday tooling around West Hampton and then headed to our little pad in Montauk.

Our place was the cutest little cottage on the sound. Or the bay. Or some calm body of water. I still don't quite have my Long Island geography down. Regardless, the view was amazing. If it hadn't been rainy and wet all weekend we probably would have spent a little more time in the back yard.

We actually spent very little time in the house at all because we stayed on the go pretty much the whole time. We checked out a few state parks and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

We found some cool places to eat like the Ditch Witch-right on the beach

and the Clam Bar.

I had a great weekend with Nigel. Ron and Wendi were great friends to travel with. We hope to do more travelling with them in the future. We traded kid stories all weekend and enjoyed our time away from our sweet little ones.
This weekend I was Lori. Nigel's wife.

Because my mom was busy being Kingston's Nana! Thanks Mom and Dad and Skip and Brandi. We appreciate the time away. It was much needed. But I'm still trying to catch up! I'm looking forward to being home for the next few weekends.

Happy Fall!

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Rendy said...

It's very important for you to remember to be Lori. And Nigel's wife...not just Kingston's mom even though that is very important too. Grandpa and I are always so happy to know that you and Nigel trust us with your precious little boy. Ask us again....please!