Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Kingston chose his outfit to wear to the beach. Good choice, huh? We could not convince him to wear his flip flops. He wanted to wear his shoes instead. And why even bother with a bathing suit?

Nice ribs, kid. You get those from your daddy. I'm not sure anyone has ever seen a rib of mine. Ever.

We took his surfboard (or his "boom-boom" as he calls it) but he didn't want to ride it. Nor did he want Dad to ride it. . . "Mine! Mine! Miiiiiiine!"

But when Pappy arrived to play, things got better. Three generations of crazy Haynes boys loving the water-cold or not!

We spent all day Saturday at the beach. Kingston wasn't a big fan of the cold water at first and kept saying he wanted to go home, but after a little coaxing and some ignoring and a little bribing, we ended up staying for a long time! Only mildly sunburned and really tired, we went home and all took naps. Kingston slept for almost 4 hours! I love what going to the beach does for the Haynes family!!!
Now if the water will just warm up, I will get some shots of Kingston on his "boom boom"! Bring on the summer!

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Rendy said...

Your boys really do love the water! There will be many more hours of sitting on the beach and watching them I'm sure. Sounds like a good way to spend time together.