Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running Around

We've been busy running around the past few weeks. We finally got over the illnesses, and have jumped back into life as we know it.

There has been watermelon.

Train rides at Dare Day.

Reading about trains with Dad.

And a visit to the hospital to see Grandma (Nigel's mom). Kingston especially like the fact that she could make her bed move!

And in other "running" news, I am officially announcing to the world (all 3 of you) that I have started running again. I haven't run consistently or semi-seriously since college, so this is a big deal for me. I started about 4 weeks ago and have already gotten up to doing about 4-5 miles at least 3 days a week. And catch this: I'm running at 5:30 in the morning. And I'm tossing around the idea of training for the Outer Banks 1/2 Marathon in November. Crazy, I know. But I'm at least going to try the training and see how it goes.
I'm quite proud of myself, if you can't tell. I have been meeting some other girls early in the morning and they have inspired me to get a move on! I'm hoping to shed a few pounds, get in shape, and feel better physically. So far so good! I'll keep you posted on how things progress.
Off to bed! 5:15 comes early these days!


Rendy said...

Deciding to run is a good thing and I am proud of you making the effort to do that. In fact...I'm ALWAYS proud of you! Great to see the pictures of the train man and his dad too. I know they made Robyn smile!

Lauren said...

Way to go, Lor! Keep me posted on your running! You are a real runner --- already doing 4-5 miles. Impressive!

Lee said...

Good for you on the running! The watermelon picture of Kingston made me smile--I remember you giving him watermelon in that net bag thing when he was a baby!

Anonymous said...

I love the watermelon picture of Kingston! Go Lori go with the running! I wish I could do 4-5 miles! Good luck with your training!