Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hooded Bath Towels!

My mom and I have a new little side-hustle going on! We are making hooded bath towels for kids, and we are calling our business Seams Likely. My Nana was a wonderful seamstress and called her business Seams Likely lots of years ago. She has inspired us in a lot of ways.
The towels are super cute and a lot of fun to design and make. I have opened and etsy shop and will be listing items as we make them. Right now we have been taking special orders and making them to order and only have a few on hand to sell, but as soon as we get a little ahead of the game, we will post them.
We can pretty much get any color towel and have found some really cute ribbons for the details. I'll post more and much better pictures as we have time to take them. Email me by clicking the icon to the left of the post if you want to order one! Or just ask a question. Or make a suggestion. Or just say hi.
Come on, people. I'm trying to set my mom up to retire over here! Bring on the orders! I know you have someone special that needs a handmade Christmas present this year.

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Rendy said...

Yes.......set your Mom up for retirement 'cause she is ready! The towels are really cute, practical, and reasonably priced..you can't beat that! You are right too about your Nana. She would be so proud of you.