Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chapel Hill in the Fall

Kingston has a few words to say about his weekend in Chapel Hill:

Mommy, Nana and I went to Chapel Hill for the weekend. We went to see Nana's friend Miss Mrs. Katie get married. Mommy went to college in Chapel Hill so she is always real excited about telling me stories and showing me things about her time there. If I have to hear about the Core 4 and where they ate dinner every night one more time. . . I have been to Chapel Hill twice now, and both times in the fall. Man, it really is pretty there this time of year. I can't wait to go in the spring one day.

Here is Mrs. Katie in her wedding dress. She was so pretty!

Here I am in the reception hall, trying to hide from Mommy and Nana. I got tired of hearing them tell me not to touch things.

I stayed in the church nursery for the wedding and a small part of the reception. When Nana came to get me, she said something about playing outside and chasing the squirrels. I didn't really know what she meant at first, but then I figured it out. The squirrels were SO fun! Boo, squirrel!

My favorite part of the whole tripwedding? Cupcakes.


See the squirrels? Up in the tree?

Two of them! Boo, squirrels!

Mommy really wanted to get a picture with me on the steps of the Old Well. A cute couple was getting engagement pictures taken when we got there. Mom said something about them not wanting me in their pictures so I had to stay out of the way. Not sure I really understand that since someone is always telling me to smile for a picture but now this time I can't be in it? Go figure. We settled for a picture on the bench while we waited.

I did get a chance to drink from the Old Well. Supposed to bring good luck or something. It tasted like poop but it was wet and I like all things wet. In fact, I liked the water so much that I threw the biggest temper tantrum of my life when Mommy and Nana made me leave the well. I could have stayed all day. I didn't care that other people were waiting to drink from it. Oh, well. Get it? Well? Anyway. . .

We had a fun weekend in the Hill. Mommy says that I was a great little traveller. She says she is proud of me. I only had a few meltdowns, which was good! Mommy also says that we need to work on me being a better listener and not running around when she puts me down or lets me out of my stroller. She wants me to stay right with her. She is so lame. But we will battle that another day. For now she just needs to be happy with what a good traveller I am. Baby steps, Mommy. Baby steps.


Rendy said...

He was a great traveler and a wonderful guest at the wedding. All squirrels at UNC-CH fear the mention of his name...they know it because Nana kept saying, "Wait Kingston! Don't get too close to that squirrel!" Mrs. Katie was beautiful and so were Kingston and his Mom. A great weekend was had by all.

Lee said...

Wow, Kingston looks so grown up here! Glad you all had a nice trip.