Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa's Lap!

Kingston sat on Santa's lap! I am so excited about this because I wasn't sure that it would happen this year. Or at least that it would happen without him screaming his head off. Now, I'm not saying he really loved it, but he at least tolerated it. Which is enough for me!

To quote Kingston, "Ho, ho, ho lap." Success!

We are getting geared up for a big birthday on Sunday! Kingston will be 2! We are having a very few friends over for a very small, low-key birthday party on Sunday afternoon. Keeping it simple is what will keep us sane!

And Kingston has already gotten his biggest birthday present from Nana and Grandpa. He got it about a month ago so that he could enjoy it before the weather got too cold. Thanks Nana and Grandpa! Kingston loves his car today just as much as he did in November when you gave it to him!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kingston!
Enjoy your very special day!

Rendy said...

Kingston was very brave to sit on Santa's lap in that packed place! He is a big boy now.....I can't believe that he is two! Before we know it his car will need another form of power to make it go. Love, Nana