Monday, December 21, 2009

Where to Begin?

Kingston is 2 years old.

We started a new tradition this year where he wears new, special pajamas the night before his birthday and then gets to wear them on Christmas Eve before they get put in the regular jammy rotation.

I made a special choo-choo breakfast.

Kingston opened presents.

We had a birthday party.

Kingston cried. A lot. And hard. Kids were playing with his toys. The nerve!

We ate choo choo cupcakes.


We lit an extra girlie cupcake in honor of my cousin's new baby girl, Kori, who was born on Kingston's birthday! Congratulations, Jason. We cannot wait to meet that sweet treat of a baby! And soon. Hooray!
Kingston opened presents.
Riley helped.

What a great day! It was Kingston's best day ever, I think. All choo choos, all the time!

My baby boy is 2 and he will tell you, too. Just ask him!


Rendy said...

Your little boy is growing up so fast! Even though there were a few tears at the party...a good time was had by all. He is so precious! (Have I ever mentioned that before?)

Anonymous said...

Happy 2 Birthday Kingston!
Happy Birthday!

Kathy said...

I know Kingston had a great day...he's a cupcake lover and enjoys eating them in such an artistic way:) The train theme was great from pjs to breakfast to cupcakes. How special to share a birth date with a new cousin. Merry Christmas to all! Should be great fun with Kingston:)

The Redhead Riter said...

You all make a beautiful family