Friday, February 26, 2010


Just a quick recap on what has been going on in the Household Haynes. It's obvious I haven't felt like posting much recently, but now I have a good excuse as to why I haven't posted-at least since Wednesday! Three doctors appointments in 3 days, for 3 different people? Told you this was going to be good.

Nigel went to the doctor last week for a physical and to get some pain meds for his reoccurring, debilitating back spasms. The doctor (who happened to be in Nigel's class in school-oops! Darn girls and their married names!) took one look at the "area" Nigel said he thought he might have a hernia in and said, "Oh my God! How has your wife let you go this long without having this looked at!" And then she promptly referred him to a surgeon that would see him that afternoon. After the surgeon took one look, he immediately scheduled surgery for the following week.

So Wednesday morning at 6:30 we arrived at the hospital. By 12:30 we were at the pharmacy picking up the Percocet (that later made Nigel throw up. Twice. And all over the toilet.) and then headed home. He has been in bed since then, recovering and fighting off the nausea that comes and goes. He thought he had busted his incision when he got sick and was in tremendous pain but we got the doctor to call in a new medicine and some anti-nausea stuff that has helped but hasn't eliminated all of the nausea. Hopefully tomorrow he will be able to cut back on his pain meds in the hopes that the nausea will go away. He has been a great patient, but if I hear my name weakly called from the bedroom one more time I might just scream. Just kidding! He hasn't asked for anything that I wouldn't have needed myself and has been very gracious and apologetic.

Meanwhile, Brandi and Pappy came over on Wednesday morning to stay with Kingston and take him to daycare. Brandi called me late in the morning to ask me if she should just keep Kingston since he felt like he had a pretty high fever. He ended up spending the day with Brandi, watching movies and taking naps. I took Kingston to the doctor first thing on Thursday morning, only to find out that he has an ear infection in both ears and a bad cold and cough. I went back to the pharmacy for the second day in a row to get his antibiotics and cough medicine. The rest of the day was spent catering to his every whim and watching way too many choo-choo movies and Monsters Inc. He has since been quite cranky and demanding and altogether pretty unbearable!

Between making about 45 meals that went uneaten by two ailing boys and filling up juice cups and water cups and doing any and everything they couldn't do for themselves, I have had quite a busy few days. I can't say I'm really loving it, but I do love my boys and would do anything for them. I think it's fair to say I'm just plain over it. Do you blame me?!

I, myself, had a doctors appointment this afternoon. I figured the boys were getting all the attention so it was my turn. No, really I just made up a phony excuse to go to the doctor just so I could get out of the house alone for a minute. Just kidding! I had to go to the big girl doctor to get checked out and went to the pharmacy for the 3rd day in a row to get my BC prescription filled. I'm starting to be a regular there!

I am working all day tomorrow and I have to say I'm looking very forward to it! We have been so lucky to have our family around to help us this week. My mom has brought us dinner, watched Kingston while I went to the doctor and is watching him all day and night tomorrow. Skip and Brandi have watched Kingston, cooked us a delicious lasagna and rushed to the pharmacy to get the replacement meds in our time of need! Thanks, guys. We know how blessed we are to have you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Things can only get better from here, right? Please just agree with me. Please? And don't harrass me for not posting much. I'm over it, remember?


Rendy said...

I know you are "over it" but you have done a great job of taking care of your boys! I certainly hope that Saturday will be the day of recovery for both of them. We are always happy to help out. I try really hard NOT to be the reason that you would want to move away!

Lee said...

Sorry to hear how tough it's been! Sounds exhausting. I hope everyone feels better soon and you get some time to relax.

Anonymous said...

I hope both Haynes' boys are improving today. I hope you have a great day at work Lori! Hang in there I heard SPRING might be around the corner! :)