Monday, June 21, 2010

A Few Updates

1. My running career has come to a screeching halt. Temporarily, I hope. After running a little over 6 miles last Saturday, then 4 or 5 on Monday, then 4 on Wednesday, my knees finally said, "Stop or I'll break you down. I mean it." My left knee hurts so bad it is ridiculous. Steps are really painful, touching a certain spot is like stabbing a knife in my knee, and carrying any more weight than I already carry around is a strain. I've never had knee pain before and I would love to never have it again thankyouverymuch.

So, I'm taking a small break from running. I tried it this morning and it. wasn't. happening. I am going to try to so some biking and walking in the meantime. You know, crosstraining. I'm not going to try running again until the pain is totally gone. I don't want to make it any worse, and I really hope it is just a temporary problem caused by doing too many miles too quickly. Six miles in 5 weeks after having not run that much in years? Yeah. Not a good idea. Ice. Rest. Stretching. Watching Kingston look really cute in just a diaper and my running shoes. Etc.

2. The picture in my last post of Kingston and Nigel visiting Nigel's mom in the hospital was the real thing. We need lots of prayers here, people. She is a sick lady. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last week and had to be airlifted to the hospital Saturday morning with an infection (around her liver maybe? Third-hand information is always a little questionable.). She is currently in ICU and is in pretty serious condition. Please pray that she can manage the pain and be as comfortable as possible. We went up to visit her yesterday and Nigel was bummed at the amount of pain she seemed to be in.

Cancer sucks. Bad.

3. We are sort of in the midst of potty training. I say sort of because, while Kingston will pee pee on the potty any time you take him (about every 20-30 minutes), he has yet to announce or inform anyone when he has to go. I think he is having a little more control over his functions because he doesn't soak a diaper when we leave the house so I think he's holding it a bit, but I don't think he is mentally ready to tell me when he has to go. So we are sort of potty training, meaning we are wearing big boy undies around the house, Pull-ups when we go to day care, and diapers when we nap or when we are leaving the house for an extended period of time. And I'm taking him to the potty on a regular basis or when it is convenient. I don't think the inconsistency will set him back or delay the process. Until he learns to communicate about when he has to go, the whole thing is just for practice sake.
Oh, and if I'm being really honest, I think I pretty much put Kingston in his big boy undies just because he is so stinking cute in them. I mean, can you even stand it?

So there's the update for now. I'll update on the updates as conditions change. Thanks for coming out.


Y Mama said...

Just as cute...those tan lines!! Adorable!

Rendy said...

He IS so stinking cute! Gail and I agree. Gail says....thoughts and prayers are with Nigel, you and Nigel's family. She also says...knee pain..UGH! I share her thoughts!!

Lauren said...

Lor, so sorry about your knee. No fun, especially when you were in such a groove. Hopefully just a temporary setback. So sorry about Nigel's mom. I am praying for you guys. And yes, Big Boy K is so cute in his scundies! So cute!