Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Wright Kind of Sunday

"Hey there, hot stuff! So let me tell you a little story about my Sunday with my family."

"We rode our bikes to the Wright Brothers Monument. Well, technically, I did most of the riding while Mom and Dad did the pedaling. But I digress. We got to the airport just in time to see a plane take off, then we parked our bikes and headed up the monument."

"Whew! What a journey! I stopped for a moment to check out a bug on the sidewalk,

then finally made it to the top. I found a nice seat and enjoyed the scenery for a bit."

"We posed for a family portrait."

"Dad and I did some exploring."

"Check out the really neat sky."

"Mom talked me into going and knocking on the big door. No one answered. Then she tried to convince me that she knew there wasn't anyone there. Sometimes I wonder about her humor. . ."

"After the monument we went for a slice of pizza, played at the park, then pedaled (or rode, in my case) home for naps. We had a great day, just the 3 of us."


Rendy said...

There is no better way to spend a day than with your family! So glad you had this special time together.

Anonymous said...

Knock, knock!
It's me, tell Kingston that I would open the door for him, he just needs to come and knock on my door! :)
The first picture of Kingston just cracks me up! He is adorable!
Keep pedaling and running plus enjoying every minute!