Saturday, November 13, 2010

Run! **UPDATED** Ran!

This morning, I ran. Right now, I am laying in the bed and I'm not sure that I will ever get up and use my legs again!!! Here is the update:

Tomorrow morning, I run. I will run my first 1/2 marathon. I am pumped! I am excited! I am totally ready!

So here is what I plan/hope to do:
*Wake up about 5:15 Nope. Got up at 5:00.
*Eat a Clif Bar and drink some water Yep. But only because Michelle shared hers with me. I forgot my Clif Bar.
*Make it to the shuttle bus in time for its 5:45 departure Did it. There were tons of buses and it worked out great.
*Arrive at the race start on time, with plenty of time to spare Done.
*Pee one last time Did it. Quickly. Very little wait at the port o'.
*Run the entire 13.1 miles without stopping (shouldn't be a problem since I have already run 14 with no worries) Easy. At least until the last 3 miles. They were pretty tough.
*Finish the race happy as a lark, injury free and ready to celebrate For sure! Unless you count the giant blood blister on my left arch as an injury. I don't. It's more of a Red Badge of Courage, if you will.

My realistic goal time is 2:25. My "I'm really pumped" time is 2:10. My trainer's goal time for me that seems really out of my reach is 2:00. So basically anything under 2:25 will be satisfying. And since this is my first 1/2, I don't really know what to expect. So what did you expect? If you expected 2:06:49 then you were right!!! I was so excited about my finish time. Very excited. And my girls finished right there with me. And my dad finished right there, too! It was awesome!

I'll keep you posted.

For tomorrow, I run! Today I ran. And ran well. Thankyouverymuch!


Lauren said...

Go, Lor, GO!!!! Love that it's your "1st", meaning there are more to come. And I predict 2:04. But really finishing is awesome! Way to go, Lor!

Rendy said...

You have trained hard and you will do great! Go Bug!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear your time! Good luck with resting up since this is after the race time!

Y Mama said...

Go Lori Go!!! Best of luck!!! Can't wait to hear your results. I would be happy to run 13 miles in 2.0...2 DAYS!!!

Rendy said...

You were awesome! I am so proud of you and WoWO and your "girls." Glad I could be there at the end.......cheering for you. Hope that helped because that was all I could do! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time!!!!
Great job Lori!
I am very proud of you, your girls, and Winston! Gosh, I wish I could run like the wind!