Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Model

After Kingston recently peed on our bath mat (ugh!) and it was left outside to "air out" for a few days (ugh!) I decided that it was time to just scrap that one and get a new one.  I really hate that bath mats cost so much.  I mean, it is just a small piece of fluffy carpet.  Does it really need to cost $15?!  It is one of those things that I hate to spend my hard-earned money on.  Like razor blades.  $30?  Really?

Anyway, I bucked up and bought one.  It was the cheapest one I could find, for the above-mentioned reason.  It was one of those really soft, really synthetic, really cheap ones.  It was also a lot bigger than the last one we had.  It was perfect.

Kingston thought so, too.  "It's so soooooft!"  He laid down on it while his bath was filling up.  Silly kid.  I'm glad I bought it for a number of reasons.  The best of which is to get this blackmail picture of him to use in about 15 years.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Kingston you are a mess! Lori you will have good pictures for blackmail later in Kingston's life. Hold on to everyone of them and share them with his girlfriends! :) LOL! Love it!

Rendy said...

With clothes, without of clothes.....
he is still precious!

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