Thursday, May 7, 2009

For the Love!

I mean, I know there is at least SOME internet access in Nicaragua, seeing as how a few people that I know who live there and a few who are actually travelling with my husband have been using Facebook multiple times in the past 7 days. And I will admit that Nige sent me one 2 sentence long email on Saturday, but that is just not enough for me! That also tells me one of two things. Either, A, Nige is having SO much fun and is surfing such incredible waves that he is just exhausted when he gets back to the house and he doesn't have the energy to find the computer and internet access and actually send me an email. Or 2, Nige is trying to drive me crazy. From Nicaragua.

He is due home late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Not soon enough. After a week and counting of single momhood, I am giving total credit to all of those single moms out there who are raising children on their own. Day in and day out. With no relief except for a few hours while you are working. It. Is. Hard. Granted, I fulfill most of Kingston's daily needs and I'm "the one" even when we are all at home together but at least I have someone else to walk with me through it all. "Misery loves company" doesn't exactly explain it, since it isn't actually miserable, so-to-speak, but you get the idea. Daily life is just so much better when you have someone to share it with. You know, someone who can have a conversation with you that involves words other than "truck", "uh-oh", "Able" and "more", exclusively. I keep thinking of things that I want to talk to Nige about or stories that I want to tell him about my day or about Kingston. I'm ready for him to come home.

Kingston and I have been having a good time together, but we are ready for Dad to join us in the fun. Just a few more days. We can make it.


Rendy said...

That's the way it should be when a family is separated....counting the minutes until they are together again. Isn't great to know that all the pieces will be in place by Mother's Day? What a great gift to a great Mom.

Eden said...

Welcome to my world...that's why I run to NC every time Bill goes on tour. Thank God for my parents and all their help...and cooking skills :)