Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Cool are We?

Kingston and I had a big morning. First, we went to K-Mart to try to find a pair of a-little-less-hideous shoes for Kingston to wear to a wedding this weekend. There is no such thing as a cute pair of sandles for a boy, in my opinion. Except for flip flops, and Kingston is not quite ready for those yet. Anyway, no such luck. Then we went to Wal-mart looking for the same thing to no avail. Finally we hit the jackpot.

Wait for it. . .

We went to the grand opening of the new Harris Teeter!!! No shoes, but lots of fun! We pretty much lunched on all of the free samples they were given out. Yum. There was a pretty humorous demographic going on in the store. I ran into 2 mommy friends who both commented that they were there for a "field trip" with the kids! Me, too!!! Also, I noticed that ALL of the motorized carts were in use, and most of them were lingering around the produce/bread/deli/free sample section of the store. They were all operated by ladies and gentlemen of the elderly persuasion. Pretty funny. It seemed all of the SAHMs (Stay at home moms) and retirees in Kitty Hawk/Southern Shores (or affectionately known at the Newlyweds and Nearly Deads) were excited about the new Teeter.

Oh, good times. Such good times that Kingston fell asleep on the way home. Even after eating a lollipop, 2 sugar cookies and some gummies at the various stores. As skinny as he is, I think he metabolizes the sugar before it even has a chance to get him jacked up! Man, that makes me jealous.

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