Monday, May 18, 2009

Wilmington Was Wonderful!

We had a really wonderful time in Wilmington this weekend for a wedding. We got there around 3:00 Saturday afternoon and readied ourselves for the wedding quickly. Don't be alarmed or disappointed because I wore the same dress to this wedding as I wore to the one last weekend. (Good thing a few of you liked it!) Luckily only a small child of 17 months and I are the only ones to witness it live and in person! Oh, and all of you know now, too. Just don't tell anyone, OK?

We got to hang out with a bunch of friends that we don't see on a regular basis, and a few that we see frequently. I also got to meet some of the guys that were in Nicaragua with Nigel and can now put a face with a name with a funny story! Some of the friends were more intoxicated than usual and one in particular has been sober now for nearly a year and counting (Super proud of you, friend!). Oh, the laughs we had. I had forgotten how funny and entertaining these boys are!

Nigel, Kingston, Billy, Kyle (the groom), Matt, Jeff

Uncle Billy saying, "Kingston. Do as I say, not as I do." Kingston saying, "Mom, are you sure this isn't just some drunk homeless guy?" Love you Uncle Billy!

Kingston on one of our many jaunts around the reception. You see, kids weren't really invited to this wedding. In fact, other than the 3 kids that were in the wedding, Kingston was the only one who wasn't invited but was there. Oops. I may be a bit biased, but I think he behaved marvelously and hung tight until 10:00. I was quite proud.

Me and my date! I like to think that my arm isn't really that big, it is just the lighting. Or the angle. Or an optical illusion. Whatever. My date was hot.

Kingston and Dad checking out the girls on the dance floor.

Hilarious friends (and identical twins) Jason and John. Or is it John and Jason? Oh, crap. I can never get it right.

On Sunday morning we went to John's house to make sure everyone had survived the night hang out with the boys. When we arrived it was pouring rain. Crazy pouring rain. Nigel had some work to do with the boys on something coming up on the internet about his trip to Nicaragua (more on that at a later date) and Kingston's chirpy voice was not requested in the background of the audio. Since the rain had stopped we went outside. Where there is rain, there are puddles. And where there are puddles, Kingston gets in 'em! I stripped him down and let him have at it!

Later in the afternoon (it was raining AGAIN) we went for a swim in the indoor pool at our hotel. Kingston loved it! He is a little waterbug!

Take 1! Picture of some of the friends out to dinner with us at Tower 7 (yum!). Oh, wait. Two of the boys are making frog faces? And the baby isn't one of them? OK.

Take 2! Much better. Silly boys. Kingston, Nigel, Matt, John (I'm sure this one is John. Er, I think I'm sure. No, I'm definitely sure.), Justin.

This is Kingston after falling asleep in the car, being carried into the hotel, up to the 3rd floor, and plopped on the bed. I managed to fully undress him, put his PJ's on and get him in his Pack n' Play without waking him up. The dude was tired!

As a reward for being such a good boy, I actually put money in the truck in the mall this morning. He got his first real ride on one of the kiddie rides! From here on out I'm sure they will be "Out of Order" (right, Mom?) but I thought he deserved some fun!

So we are home now, safe and sound. Kingston was such a good traveller. He didn't even fuss a bit the entire ride home this afternoon. We made a pit stop at a Burger King and let him play in the indoor play area, which may have been his favorite part of the entire trip! We arrived home about 7:00, ate a quick dinner, gave Kingston a bath and put him to bed. Nige and I aren't too far behind! What is it about travelling that takes it out of you?

Back to work tomorrow. Good times with good friends. Really, really, really funny friends. Thanks for the laughs! (Who am I kidding! None of them read my blog!)

Oh, and congratulations Kyle and Lisa Jordan! Your wedding was beautiful and were are so glad we got to be a part of it. Good times, good times!

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Rendy said...

Family, friends, and fun...WOW! It doesn't get any better than that!

Yes..."Out of order" may need to be repeated at a later didn't hurt you!

So glad the Haynes family is back safe and sound.