Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Grandmama

Yesterday Kingston, Nana and I went to Franklin, VA to visit Great Grandmama King. It is always an interesting visit! This was only Kingston's 3rd time seeing G-mama and she was so excited to see him. She held him for a minute but then he got too wiggly for her.

She made Nana get out all of her Christmas toys that sing and dance when you push a button. You know, the scary ones from Hallmark that sing a song way too loud and wiggle? Yeah. Kingston liked the bunny that just hopped toward him. He sort of thought the frog singing jingle bells was pretty entertaining. The snowman was fine until he started tipping his hat and swinging snowflakes on a string around and around. That's when things got ugly!I did him a favor and dropped the camera and scooped him up before it got too bad! So the picture doesn't exactly show the end results!! I also don't have a picture of him eating the ice cream that she forced on us. She really wanted him to have some sugar free ice cream so I said it was OK. She really wanted to give him his own cone but I convinced her that he and I could just share a really small cup. So G-mama scooped a 1/2 of a disposable plastic cup (that she washes and uses over and over) of BUTTER PECAN ice cream for us. 1. He shouldn't really have much fake sugar and/or milk. 2. Pecans? uh, no nuts until much older, right? Oh, well. I couldn't turn it down now and she was watching as I fed him some. He certainly didn't get any more than about a 1/2 teaspoon of ice cream, total. I ate it all myself and just fed him mini bites just to appease the old lady!!

She only told me what to do with him a few times, which was a lot less than I expected! She told me that he was tired and that I needed to lay him on his stomach on the blanket and he would go right to sleep. Tried it. Didn't work. She also wanted to "tie him in that chair with that sheet so he has somewhere to sit." Ok. Didn't try that. Not even really sure what she meant. She also wants to buy him one of those jumping seats so that he will have somewhere to play when he comes to visit. Right. That would be a good way to spend her money.

We ended up having a really nice visit and made an old lady really really happy. She only had one small crying fit and said she was the last of her family alive and she doesn't know why the Good Lord keeps her here. I tried to convince her that it was so that she could teach Kingston some things but she really just wanted to have her pity party and didn't even respond to the suggestion! Typical.

Here is my parting question. Please refer to the picture above. Why do old ladies love to have Christmas decorations around the house all year round? Hmmmm.

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Arnold said...

You summarized the visit very well! To answer your final question.....I have no idea!