Friday, July 25, 2008

Stealing a Blog Entry. . .

I made a fun new purchase today. I won't tell you exactly what it is but I will tell you that it is red, not pink. And it will hopefully take care of our hair issue. And I think Nigel will want to use it, too. It will look good in the corner when not in use.

I know you are totally in suspense, so I will refer you to my friend Eden's Blog to show you what it is.

Just picture it in red. It has to charge for 24 hours before you use it, but I did a quick sweep around the living room and loved it. Maybe my house won't be quite so hairy ALL the time (thanks, Able).

Thanks for the link, Eden. You did such a good job of endorsing it! Hope you are still enjoying your treasure!!!!

1 comment:

'Mrs. B' said...

I let Riya spill Goldfish on the floor just so I can use's amazing!