Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We spent the afternoon in Portsmouth at a party at Nigel's aunt's house. Kingston got to see his great grandmother, Jeanie, and great grandfather, Papa. They were so excited to see him since they had only seen him once until today. Sweet Jeanie has Alzheimers, or however you spell that terrible disease. (It doesn't even deserve me looking it up, it is such a crappy disease!) She kept asking me what his name was and how old he was and who he belonged to. I mean, she asked me about 30 times. In 10 minutes. Papa gets really frustrated with her, and understandably so. He has the task of telling her every day what day it is over and over and over again and then he has to explain to her why the Christmas tree isn't up anymore.

Kingston is so blessed to have 4 great grandparents who love him to death-even if they don't all remember him!

We had fun at the party and got home right around 8-just in time for Kingston to take a quick bath and wash off the chlorine and sunscreen from his dip in the pool, get on his jammies and go to bed. He wiggled for a few minutes but then went to sleep. He had a big day full of lots of hugs and kisses.

Kingston's first 4th of July was a success. Maybe I'll get to watch the fireworks in a year or 2!

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