Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great Grandmama Maline

Christmas pictures. I know. You want to see Christmas pictures. Well, there a quite a few of them but I really wanted to tell some stories about my Grandmama's brief visit. She made things interesting! And it deserves a post of it's own!

First things first. Grandmama cannot say Kingston's name. It comes out Kinston, Keenston, or any other version other than the correct one. Her last name is King. Her son's name is Winston. She can't seem to put it together.

Grandmama watched as Kingston opened his stocking and Uncle Mark helped him get things working. She spent most of her visit sleeping in this chair. She would stir just long enough to put some Bath and Body Works stinky hand sanitizer on her hands. To quote Kingston, "Eeeeeeew!"

Kingston showed Grandmama his mini Pound Puppy (remember those?!). She thought it was a frog at first. Ummmm, OK. Then she posed with him. Kingston thought she was crazy. Ummmm, maybe.

Great Grandmama Maline gave Kingston a two dollar bill for Christmas. She called him over and wanted to explain what it was and how he would always have money if he kept it in his piggy bank. He didn't care.

Family photo. Not sure why the camera put a green splotch on Nana's neck. Otherwise it's a good family shot. Notice how my dad is having to hold his mother up. She didn't want her walker in the picture.

Nana and Grandpa took Great Grandmama home Christmas night. She had a good visit but it was time for her to go. Oh, Maline. What a piece of work.
Merry Christmas, Great Grandmama! We really do love you.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas ya'll! What a beautiful family! I enjoyed reading every word of your blog Lori; you need to write a book, it would be so enjoyable! I understand the Great Grandmama Maline's stories quite well! :)
Merry Christmas,

Rendy said...

You were very kind in your always! Kingston was so attentive to her even though he couldn't have understood what she was saying to him. He made wonderful memories for all of us.