Sunday, January 31, 2010

Costa Rica in a Nutshell

The cast of characters:
Lori, Nigel, Jeremy (Jerm), Nicole (Cole), Byron
Brandi, Skip (Pappy), Kingston
Da-da slept on the plane with the choo-choo binket!

Kingston watched a movie. While eating snacks and drinking a juice cup. Tough life!

Waiting for our rental car. We got upgraded to a sweet truck.

Kingston and me in our sweet truck!

Breakfast at the Jungle Cafe in Hermosa. The best breakfast ever! Banana pancakes. . . yum!

I didn't even have time to take his shirt off before he jumped in!

On the ferry.

Relaxing, reading a good book on our porch in Santa Teresa.

Watching a movie on Dad's iTouch at breakfast. Oops. Add that to the list of things we have to un-do now that we are home.

Cafe con leche. So good! (It's just coffee with milk, really. Nothing too crazy! Just really good.)

A big, big iguana in front of our place.

Riding like a big boy!

Our spot. Pacifica Surf Studios.

My sweet boys.

My favorite picture.

Our last night out in Santa Teresa.

Hanging out the window, hooting at the ladies.

Waiting for the ferry. Eating crackers since he lost his lunch after riding through the mountains at a high rate of speed while trying to catch the ferry. . . that we missed by 2 cars.

The plane ride home to the coldness.

Successful first trip out of the country for our little guy. He always amazes us by what a good little traveller he is. We'll do it again, for sure.


Rendy said...

Love the pictures..almost like being there.....well not really. Thanks for giving us a look at your wonderful trip. Glad you are home safely....just in time for snow!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to NC with snow, sleet and ice! Thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks like that all enjoyed the beaches, waves, delicious food. . . Hey Gail. . come back from dream land!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time for sure! We've been talking about heading there next winter for a little break. You'll have to give me some tips on traveling international with a little one! See ya soon!