Saturday, January 23, 2010

Out of the Country=Out of the Loop

So since being out of the country for nearly 2 weeks, I have been a bit out of the loop with my friends at home. I just checked my email to find out that a friend of mine, Michelle Meredith, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now try not to get confused here-this is not my friend Michelle who is Riley's mom, but is my friend Michelle that I have known since middle school and who has a little girl, Willa, who is a month younger than Kingston and another little girl, Maddison, who is 5 (or close to it!). The two Michelle's, Sherry and I went Christmas shopping together in Virginia this year. She is a great, great girl. Please visit her blog and pass along some of the good vibes you always leave for me. She is surrounded by tons of love and support but who can't use a little more?

It's so hard to get your head around a cancer diagnosis in your peers. Especially one who is your age, with 2 young children. Please keep Michelle and her family in your prayers. Heavy.

On a more positive cancer note, my dad just had surgery to remove his 3rd cancerous tumor in his bladder and is recovering very, very wells with no other treatment necessary aside from routine exams. I missed his surgery the day we flew out (which also happens to be the same day Michelle was diagnosed) and was very worried about him. He is doing great and the Haynes family can't wait to get home to give him a big squeeze. Way to go, Dad!

We leave Santa Teresa tomorrow morning and head to San Jose for the night before flying out on Monday afternoon. Bitter sweet to say the least.

Pictures when we get back, I promise!

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Rendy said...

Michelle and her family will surely be in our prayers. Safe travels to you and the family....we can't wait for you to get home!!