Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kingston's Bestie

I got an early morning text from Ms. Cindy saying that daycare was closed today. Not a big deal for us because Kingston doesn't go on Wednesday. A big deal for Ms. Cindy because the reason she was closed today was because her daughter is sick with Mono. And I figured it was a big deal for other moms and dads that didn't want to have to miss work. So I texted Ms. Cindy back that I could watch Kingston's buddy, Liam, if his mom wanted me to. She gave me her phone number and next thing I know, I have 2 little blonde boys hanging out with me today!

We went to a playdate this morning with about 6 other kids. It went great! Those two boys played so well together and with the other kids. After playdate we went on an adventure to McDonald's and had lunch. I wasn't sure if Liam was used to eating McDonald's, but I figured we were OK when we passed Dunkin' Donuts and he said, "Look, Kingston! Dunkin' Donuts!" And then we pulled in the parking lot and he said, "McDonald's!!!"

Two cheeseburgers and fries later (and an attempt to get Kingston off the floor-eeew!) we ventured to Wal-mart. Kingston and Liam were good shopping buddies. Or at least Liam was. Kingston notsomuch when it came time to leave the choo-choo train aisle without a choo-choo train.

So now it is naptime and I am still waiting for the silence to come. First attempt was for them to share Kingston's bed. No go. Next, I tried Kingston in his bed and Liam on the floor. Uh-uh. Now Kingston is in his bed and Liam is in my bed and I think we finally have quiet. Or at least one of the two is down for the count. Hopefully they get a good nap in. And hopefully Liam isn't a drooler in his sleep. He is sleeping on my pillow!

I have had the best time watching these two play together. The chemistry is just there, and they really enjoy each other. I could listen to them giggle and talk to each other all day. And, well, I pretty much have!


Rendy said...

They look so cute together! I know they had a great time giggling and pretending all day long. Looks like one of those forever friendships!

Anonymous said...

You are so kind and caring, like your mother! The two blonds are adorable. I bet all three of you slept well last night!