Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Boy Torture!

For a boy, Kingston had a miserable day. First, I rushed him around the house this morning and he didn't even get his morning Jumperoo session in. I forced him to take his nap (which was only about 45 minutes) in his carseat on the way to Virginia. I then made him walk around Greenbrier Mall (eew! been there lately?) for an hour until time for his photo shoot. Then the tired and hungry baby was expected to be smiley and cute for pictures at JC Penney!

After that I took him shopping at Babies R Us for way too long. He fell asleep in the cart, leaning over and resting on my purse with a blanket that I was purchasing on top. He slept for maybe 10 minutes until time to get BACK in the car.

Next, I would like to claim Wife/Daughter-In-Law/Granddaughter-In-Law of the Year because I stopped by Nigel's Grandmother's house for a visit. I didn't call, I just stopped in unprompted. She was so excited to see Kingston since she had only seen him twice until today. It was a really good thing to do because I know how special it was to her. We stayed about 45 minutes.

Finally, we went to Target for a few. Kingston was really tired but not really wanting to sleep. I ended up holding him and pushing the cart for 1/2 of the trip, which I tried to keep as short as possible. He did score a new toy, though, so it really wasn't that bad for him! Pictures playing with that to come, I'm sure.

After stopping for a visit with Grandpa on the way in (the highlight of the day for Kingston, I'm sure) we went to my friend Nicole's house for a trunk show. My friends Angie and Brandi have a website,, and they were having a sale at Nicole's. So I drug Kingston there, tired, hungry and over it. I stayed way too long and just got home at 9:00.

Having been all over town today, hungry, tired and probably pretty bored, Kingston was SUCH a good boy. He behaved on all accounts, especially at Nicole's at the end of the long day. I pushed him to his limits and he still was so chill. I am so lucky to have such a cool baby boy!

Shopping, pictures, more shopping. . . Kingston's dad definitely wouldn't have behaved nearly as good!!!!

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Rendy said...

That's not torture! He loved spending the day with his mom and traveling around. He is such a good boy and you are such a good mom!