Friday, July 31, 2009

Better Back, No Biting and Not at the Beach

Nigel's back is much, much better and Kingston and I are enjoying having good ol' Dad back!

Kingston finished off his week at "school" with a bang! He got great reports from Ms. Cindy. He played with younger kids one day and didn't push or act ugly to them. He also played with the older kids and didn't bite or fuss at any of them. I guess the boy just needed a good threatening to get him to act right!

And we are travelling! Kingston and I are in Raleigh with Nana for a fun-filled shopping, visiting, get away from home extravaganza! So far, so good. We made the trip in record time and didn't even stop once the entire way. That is 3.5 hours non-stop in the car. Kingston is a swell traveller and I must not have had much to drink today because I didn't even have to stop to pee! TMI? Sorry. We are planning to shop tomorrow and then have dinner with Core 4 Mere and her sweet little family. Yes, there will be pictures. Of us with Mere and family, not of us shopping. Just wanted to clear that up.

So that gets everyone (Mrs. Kathy) up to speed for now! I will report back in when we have more to report. And when we have pictures. Everyone loves a picture.

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