Thursday, July 23, 2009

A First

We experienced a first tonight. Together. The Family Haynes.

It was the first time, in all 19+ months of Kingston's life, that he caused us to have to box up our 1/2 eaten fried chicken salads at Kill Devil Grill, pay the bill quickly, and hurry out with a kicking and screaming child under my arm. We were trying to get out of there before all of the other customers started passing judgement. You know what I mean. "I would never take a baby out to dinner at 8:00 at night. What were they thinking?" Or, "That kid needs an a$$ whipping." Or perhaps, "My child would never act like that." Even better, "What do they expect? They are feeding him ice cream. Hello? Sugar?" Yeah, I know. I was that person about 19 months ago. Until I became the mother of an unpredictable toddler.

The salad was just as good when we got home. And the company was still stellar, once the offender was put in bed and we got to finish our meal. The atmosphere left a little to be desired and the entire house needed a good deep cleaning but overall it was fine.

The frustration. Oh, the frustration. Something I could have lived without this evening. Hopefully this was not the first of many such outings. We knew better. It was too late. He was too tired. I hope we've learned our lesson.



Oh My!!! I would have pulled the icecream card too. We pull the puff card now. Sometimes it works. Hang in there. Remember how they say you get PostPregnesia and thats why you have a 2nd child (forgetting all the sleeplessness and pains and discomfort). Well, I think people who give those looks either 1. forgot their own kid's tantrum 2. they just never went out to eat until the kid went away to college or 3. dont have kids and well thats a different discussion! You are doing fine and really youve come this far and it is only the first! I say good job K's Mom! oh yeah...kdg is awesome!!

Rendy said...

....but he sounded so sweet on the phone! When he said, "Nana!" I thought he was perfect! Sorry that you had that experience in the restaurant. Sounds like you handled it just I knew you would.