Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up

Are you ready for a bunch of pictures to make up for not posting for a whole week? Will that make everything right again?

I mean, what if I show you a picture of Kingston and me at the park? Kingston's not looking at the camera but I am. Sometimes it's about me. Most of the time it's about Kingston. Just this once it is about me. Thank you very much.

What if I show you a picture of my big boy going down the slide all by himself? Are you feeling me?

Or is it going to take this picture of the cutest boy on the planet (or at least at Hayman Park one day last week) to make you forgive me?

Apparently it is going to take a few really sweet pictures of Kingston at the beach to persuade you to continue reading my blog.

Will you promise not to turn Kingston and Pappy in for playing on the dune? I'm sure it wasn't legal but they both had a ton of fun! I'm really not asking for much here.

Now you know you couldn't possibly still be mad after all of that. And if you are, please look at this cute picture of Lee and Kingston. Kingston doesn't look so great but Lee does! She and her husband Chris are in town from Brooklyn for a few days. Kingston and I had a great time at her party on Monday night.

There now. Please forgive. But please don't forget. I will post another fun one again soon. Thank you, come again.


Rendy said...

You are forgiven! The pictures and the text are both wonderful....it's almost like being there....but almost isn't quite good enough for me. Can't wait to see you this weekend!


That kid gets cuter by the minute!!!