Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunt!

The Haynes family went to an Easter egg hunt this morning at the Elizabethan Gardens! Once we got out of the way of the millions (I exaggerate a bit) of kids and parents and into the big field, we had a great time! We sort of missed the actual egg hunt part because we were avoiding the big crowd and Kingston doesn't really understand the egg hunt concept anyway. He ended up with a few eggs from friends and we called it a success!
Our day, in pictures:

Yesterday Kingston put a call in to the Bunny on his "Yahtzee phone" to put out a bunch of eggs. (Or the Yahtzee hand held game that Kingston always uses as a phone. However you want to look at it.)

Kingston got a sugar cookie and was supposed to ice it with decorations but got too eager and just started eating it. That's my boy!

Hangin' out with Dad-trying not to get trampled!
Hey Riley! Whatcha got there? Can I have one of your eggs?

Never mind. I'll just get one from the Bunny himself. But only if Dad comes with me!

Kingston loved to wander around in the big field.

He found a few friends to get eggs from without even having to look for them! Thanks, Mr. Len! Don't tell Jackson you were giving out his eggs!

Being so cute is so exhausting! This was the scene before we were even out of Manteo!

We had a great day. I've already spoken to the Bunny on the Yahtzee phone and he is planning on stopping by here some time tonight and leaving a few treasures. Somehow he knew exactly what kind of treats Kingston's Mom likes!


Rendy said...

I'm sure the bunny has Kingston's address...he can't pass up that cute little fellow! He looks so grown up all of a sudden.

Melissa said...

Looks like Kigston had a great time!

Hope the Easter bunny was good to you..I mean Kingston ;)