Monday, April 27, 2009

Grandpa Saves the Day. . .

again! Every time we have a major problem in our house, I immediately call my dad. He knows EVERYTHING! So when we finally decided to suck it up and turn on the AC yesterday when it was over 80 degrees in the house and the AC was spitting out luke-warm air, I called Grandpa. Since he doesn't want "The Doodlebug Man" to be too hot, he put in a call to his guy. Grandpa's guy came over today while Kingston and I were at the park and fixed our AC! As I type, I am enjoying the lovely cool air while eating bon bons-you know because that is what we moms do when we are at home with our kids.

But really, before Kingston wakes up, I am going to stretch out, read a book, and enjoy the cool air in peace and quiet. At least for 30 more minutes!

Thanks again, Grandpa. Life is so much cooler with you around. Get it? Cooler? Right.

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Rendy said...

Grandpa loves "saving the day!" He does enjoy pleasing The Doodle Bug Man and his mom too. So glad he can do these things for the family. He IS a very special guy!