Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To My Friend Lars

Dear Lars, (a member of the Core 4)

Do you realize that in a few short months, your oldest daughter will be the same age as my only son is right now when your youngest daughter is born? Does that make sense? Right. I can't wait!

Hopefully your 16 month old daughter won't get mad when you tell her she can't go outside and she won't try to bite you, you step away to avoid getting bitten, and daughter won't fall face-first on the floor. Hopefully you won't witness her face bouncing off of the floor and then have to console her and ice her bloody lip, even though you secretly think it is her fault in the first place. Hopefully that won't happen to you when your daughter is 16 months old and your new baby daughter is here.

Thank you and goodbye.

Your Best Friend,



Rendy said...

OOOHH! That little guy is making his presence known these days. Do you think he made the connection between the bloody lip and trying to bite? I hope so! Lars will be fine...and Lars will too.

Rendy said...

Correction: Lars will be fine and Lors will too!

Lauren said...

Love getting a "letter"!!! And love the story of the 16 month old! Rendy and Linda made it, so I'm assuming I can too. Big assumption. Let's just hope baby daughter is walking out the door and not crawling. :) Kingston is such a big boy!