Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Frog Prince!

My Aunt Donna is in town from Raleigh this week with some friends. Mom, Kingston and I went to their cottage yesterday for a visit. Aunt Donna has met Kingston once and that was about a year ago so needless to say, he has changed quite a bit since then! Pictures were taken at our reunion but I'll have to post them when they are emailed to me.

Aunt Donna and my late Uncle Tom are artists. Good ones. Awesome ones. I remember being in awe of their art supplies, paper, yarns, material, paints and such when I was little. They could do it all-paint, sew, create. I am so proud of their work and feel lucky that we have a few of their pieces in our house.

Aunt Donna and Uncle Tom had a "thing" for frogs. The house they lived in was called "Frog Hollow" and it was decorated with beautiful art and lots of handmade frogs. I must admit I don't really know where the fascination with frogs came from but every time I think of frogs, I think of them. When we visited with Aunt Donna last April she asked me if she could paint Kingston a frog. I was so excited and agreed to it immediately!

And now, without further ado, I present Kingston's frog painting:

Aunt Donna named it but I can't remember what she called it and I won't go look right now since it is hanging over Kingston's crib and he is currently sleeping in said crib!

We hung it up tonight and Kingston immediately wanted to get in his crib and get a closer look.

He loves his new frog painting. It will hang on his bedroom wall for years and years to come. Thanks, Aunt Donna. What a special gift! I hope Kingston has at least a small bit of creativity handed down from my King genes!


Melissa said...

What a great painting! I couldn't draw a stick figure to save my life! I'm sure that is something Kingston will treasure for years to come :)

Lee said...

What a nice painting. It looks like Kingston is really enjoying it.

Rendy said...

The painting is a wonderful gift for Kingston. You and Kingston both have special things from Uncle Tom and Aunt Donna that are real treasures. Families and family "stuff" are both important!