Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brooke the Photog Strikes Again!

When I sent out an email telling all of my local friends about the BarbeCure fundraiser that friends Sara and John were hosting for Hunter Presgrave, my favorite photographer, Brooke Mayo, immediately wrote back to say that she would not be able to attend the fundraiser but would love to photograph the family. I put her in contact with Holly, and a few weeks later, feast your eyes on these treasures! She has done it again. Brooke put the spirit and love of this family on paper. Or on disk. Or on your computer screen. However you want to look at it. Amazing. And not long after the pictures were taken, Hunter changed his hair-do. . . to a mowhawk! I don't know if he is still sporting it, but he did rock it for awhile!

Thanks for being so fabulous, Brooke! And Holly, thanks for having such a special, and apparently very photogenic, family!

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