Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Getting There. . .

The front part of the house is at least relatively clean. I have even gone so far as to wipe the fronts of cabinets. Remember this post? We had that exact same conversation this morning. I swear we did.

Still left to do: Put the books and DVD's back on the shelf that Kingston keeps taking them off of and throwing them on the floor. Clean the bathroom. Vacuum and mop. Bake focaccia bread that I made this morning. Cut brownies that I made last night. Clear the last bit of clutter off of the kitchen table and countertops.

Sounds like I have a lot left to do but you should have seen how much I've already gotten accomplished today! Now watch. . . no one will show up!!! Just kidding, I know at least 1 person is definitely coming. I can always count on Brandy to show up to any scheduled event! A few girls have already said they can't come for one reason or another. Holly won't be making it because Hunter isn't feeling well today and he goes back to Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters tomorrow for his second chemo treatment. She says he is now terrified of needles so no trip to the hospital will be a fun one for poor little Hunter. Let's say a few more prayers for him.

And on that note, friends Sara and John have organized a BarbeCure fundraiser to raise money for Hunter and his family. It will be at Stan White Realty this Saturday, March 21 from 11-2. There will be food and music and lots of lovely people to meet (including me!). Tickets are $5.00 each so if you are in the area and would like to come, please email me for an advanced ticket or just show up and join in the fun! There will also be a yard sale hosted by Stan White Realty to benefit Relay For Life so check that out, too. If you don't live in the area and would still like to contribute something to this special family, please email me and I will tell you where to send a check. The Hunter Presgrave Fund has been set up at a local bank.

Gotta get back to it. A mom/girlfriend/wife/hostess' work is never done!

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