Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shhhhh. They're Sleeeeeping!

The boys in my house are napping. I am avoiding cleaning by playing on the computer. Which is exactly what I SHOULDN'T be doing, considering I have invited about 10 girls over tomorrow night for a little girls' night out (well, IN for me, but you know what I mean). I at least need to make the living room, kitchen and bathroom presentable in the next 24 hours. Yikes. Guess I know what I'll be doing all day tomorrow. . . Good thing is, almost all of the girls have children so at least they will appreciate the kid clutter. They might not, however, appreciate the fact that you can't even see that I own a kitchen table or kitchen counter tops because they are covered in stuff. I can't explain it. Where do we get so much stuff?

You know what I really want to do instead of clean? Bake the Ghirardelli Ulitmate Fudge Brownies that I bought at the grocery store this morning. And eat. Them. All.


Rendy said...

Call me when the brownies are ready and I will "help" you taste them before you serve them!

Melissa said...

mmm. The brownies sound yummy. I think I can smell them all the way down here ;)