Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Main Goal

Today I had one of Oprah's "A-ha Moments".

As a parent, I have said before that my goal is to raise a kid that other people, adults and kids alike, enjoy being around. I now have a goal for my life. My whole life, not just the parenting part. And I'll even go so far as to say that it should be a life goal for everyone. Ready?

My goal is to live my life so that people will want to rally around me if my world falls apart, and help me put the pieces back together.

Holly is my friend whose son just had the 5 lb. tumor removed along with his kidney and adrenal gland. Hunter is doing as well as can be expected and is supposed to get his chemo port put in tomorrow and come home either Tuesday or Wednesday. So far, some friends have organized a fundraising pig pickin' for March 21, so many have gone up to VA to visit them in the hospital, people have made and frozen meals to stock their freezer with, some of us have bought groceries and filled their fridge and cabinets and a few of us girls went to their house and spring cleaned it today. We are trying to make it as easy a transition as possible when they finally get home after being gone for over a week.

Holly and her husband are 2 of the most kind, generous and sweet people you could ever meet. They work hard to provide for their family. They have good insurance that will cover a good portion of the doctor bills but that won't really help with the 21+ weeks that Hunter will be having chemo treatments and Holly and/or Ben will be out of work taking care of him.

So here is the ultimate questions: Do you live you life in such a way that people would be willing to go above and beyond to help you in your time of need? Or do you live it in such a way that people would feel sorry for you but not actually do anything to help you? Think about it. That's what I have been doing this evening while looking at how disgusting my house is compared to how clean Holly's house is now! I want to be the person who is so blessed by their friends that even the worst possible scenario can be dealt with in the easiest possible way.

Deep thoughts by Kingston's Mom. Whew!


Rendy said...

You DO live your life just as you described wanting to. You are such a kind and generous friend that others will always want to help you have helped them. What a worthy goal and unselfish goal. I am so proud of you!

Lee said...

You are always doing something nice for friends--you go above and beyond. You're an inspiration! So often I think, "What could I do?" when someone is going through a tough time. You are great about jumping in and helping out.