Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 Years, 2 Puddles and the 80's

Nigel and I have been married 5 years as of yesterday. Usually we don't do gifts or even cards but Nigel did both this year. He gave me a card first thing in the morning then sent me flowers at work. What a guy! I bought him a case of beer on the way home from work. Fair trade, I think!

Tonight we went out to dinner at Owen's-one of our favorite places. It was delicious, as usual. I actually managed to get out of there without eating so much I want to die. That is quite an accomplishment, I must say!!!

We had a great anniversary and I look forward to many more years with my favorite husband!


Puddle #1-

After dragging Kingston along with me to deliver some food today, it was time for a very late, overdue nap. Since it was much warmer outside than I first expected (I had dressed him in a T and corduroy pants) and Kingston was really hot and fussy, I changed his diaper quickly and put him in his crib in just a diaper and T-shirt. I kept periodically hearing him talking and making silly noises for quite some time so I'm not sure he ever even went to sleep. After a little over an hour I heard him start to fuss like he was awake and ready to get up.

I went in his room and found this: (Caution-the first picture contains full frontal nudity!)

First I saw the puddle and went to figure out where the major leak in the diaper came from. As I lifted the bottom of his T up, I realized that there was no diaper to even leak! The diaper was wedged between the bumper and the wall. See it in the second picture? The crazy kid had taken his diaper off and peed in his crib at some point in the past hour and a half. I must say he looked quite proud of himself. I couldn't even be mad at him because I was laughing so hard! I have learned my lesson and will always put him down with pants or shorts on!


Puddle #2-

When Nigel got home from surfing Kingston wanted to go outside and see him. It was fairly dry outside since the rain had subsided for a few minutes. Nigel was spraying off his wetsuit and booties and Kingston wanted to get down. I put him on the ground in one of the puddles and he loved splashing around in his bare feet. I was hoping he would stay standing and not actually fall in the puddles and get his shorts wet but of course that didn't happen. Kingston's new favorite game is to turn in circles until he gets dizzy and falls down and laughs. It's all fun and good until someone falls down and busts his lip (which he did inside earlier) or falls in a puddle and gets wet (which he did on this occasion)! He had a blast in the puddles! Good, clean fun. I can't wait to play in the rain with him in the summer!

One small problem. He thought he should lick the water from his hands. At least it was straight from the hose and not some funky water in a ditch. That makes it OK, right?


Oh. Does anyone remember these charm necklaces from the 80's? I went to an 80's party last night and rocked my very own charm necklace, circa 1986-ish. Yes, for some reason I still have it. Did you have one?


Rendy said...

What a wet day for more than one way! Oh the lessons they teach us. Happy anniversary a day late to a special couple!

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Such cute Kingston stories today :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Anniversary my friends! So glad it was wonderful! May God bless you with many many more!!!!