Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've Been Called Out!

So apparently, someone, and I won't name any names, is complaining about the fact that I have not been posting as regularly as I once was. Come on. Give me a break. I'm working 3 whole days a week and I have a 14 month old little boy. My house is spotless because I clean it so much and my laundry is totally caught up. Do you think I have time to blog on the regular?

Did you believe any of that? I didn't think so. I was totally kidding about all of it. My house is a wreck and I only work 3 days a week. My laundry is piled high. The only truth is that I do have a 14 month old little boy and he does keep me pretty busy. But I honestly do have time to do things such as blog (which means I have time to clean, too, but I digress). I've been lazy. There. I said it. And I apologize. I will try to do better. OK, Mrs. Kathy? :)


We have had the best time playing outside the last few days. Kingston is now fully walking everywhere and even standing up all by himself without pulling up on anything (finally!). He is enjoying his sand table that Nana got him (and he even said "Nana" when she came over today!). He has learned how to go down the big boy slide all by himself, too! He even got a new hat from Whalebone. Wanna see?

There now. Good post? I thought so. I promise to try to do better. Even if I have to make up some stuff. Just kidding. Good to know you're paying attention!


Lauren said...

Love the new pics, Lor!

Lee said...

Those pictures are adorable. Kingston looks so grown up!

Melissa said...

I love Kingston's little hat. Too cute!

BTW...don't even look at the date of my last post. So shameful!

Kathy said...

YEAH! I'd say that's a great post:) I can't help it if I've watched Kingston's first year of life through this blog and have gotten used to reading about him and seeing such great's kind of addictive. I admire you for the quality time you spend with him...believe me, all that cleaning and laundry stuff will be right there waiting or will reappear even if you find time to do it the first time. Enjoy your son (and thanks for sharing him with us) cause time will pass faster than you can imagine!

Midgett Gray said...

Cute kid!

Rendy said...

I love the new post....any time that the post includes pictures of Kingston it is a good one! I agree with Kathy...enjoy making memories with Kingston and Nigel 'cause that other stuff will wait.