Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, To Be a Baby

I wish I could sleep in the car. Under any circumstances. At the drop of a hat. And be out cold for hours on end. Not even knowing that I had been taken out of the car and moved to another location at some point.

This was Monday, after "helping" me at work for a few hours. He was hungry and fussy so I gave him a cracker. What inspired the picture taking was his little tongue almost sticking out of his mouth as if he fell asleep as the cracker was heading to his lips.

And this was Wednesday, after his 15 month check-up (which he aced!) and a shot. The appointment was at 11:30 and I had planned to meet a friend for lunch after. I figured it would be pushing it but I chose to follow through anyway. He was asleep before we even got out of the Dr.'s office parking lot. Again with the cracker. He tried to put it in his mouth without taking his paci (which he now only uses for naps, bedtime and apparently shots) out. I reached back and removed said paci while I was waiting for the light to turn green. By the time the light turned and I looked back again, he had found the paci beside his leg and had put it in his mouth and had fallen asleep. I carried him in the restaurant, ordered at the counter, put my things down in the booth, got a highchair and he didn't budge until I tried to lay him on the booth seat. Perhaps if I had been a bit smoother with the transition it would have worked but I jostled him pretty good and he woke up.

Oh, to be a baby. Life is so good!

Big thanks to Eden for re-doing my blog! I think it is the best look yet! Thanks, friend. You are really neat.


Please keep praying for Baby Stellan. He is still in the hospital and in serious condition. His poor little heart is beating way too fast.


Eden said...

Glad you like it! I like to think I'm pretty handy to have around ;) Looking forward to drinks soon!

Lauren said...

Love the new blog! Sweet Baby K sleeping is too cute!