Tuesday, June 2, 2009


When I picked Kingston up from Ms. Cindy's today, she had a story for me. She always starts her reports with, "Loooori. . . " and then proceeds to say things like, "he ate a lot of raisins today. I mean a LOT of raisins, so be ready for lots of diapers" or "He ate 7 chicken nuggets, a bowl of macaroni and cheese and still ate an afternoon snack" or "He at 2 WHOLE peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch today." Today it was, "Loooori. . . you won't believe what Kingston did today." Apparently Kingston got so dirty this morning that she had to hose him down before she would let him go inside for lunch and nap. He was SO dirty that Cindy's sister, brother-in-law and nephew stood and laughed at him for a good 5 minutes. She tried to take a picture with her cell phone but she said it didn't do it justice. I guess he was sweaty-it was REALLY hot today-and the dirt that he loves to play with was just sticking right to him. His face, his arms, his legs. When I picked him up this afternoon he was still (or maybe again) really dirty. Sweaty and dirty.

And so. . .

after mowing the grass,

and making the classic Kingston face,

it was sprinkler time!!
We broke out the new sprinkler toy-the Waterpillar! Kingston was not it's biggest fan! I don't think he like the unpredictability of the wiggly arms and subsequent random squirts of water!

He was even so over it he had to sit it out for a few.

He would play in it for about 5 seconds and then run away and start to cry.

I switched it to the good old trusty sprinkler and he fell back in love with the sprinkler in the yard! Especially when Dad came out to play!

Eventually the diaper got to be too much. Naked sprinkler fun in the back yard!

Tell me Kingston isn't going to love me when he gets to be a teenager and looks back on posts such as this!!! I think I am succeding as a mother!


Lauren said...

Dirty Kingston is cute! How fun...sprinkler in the back yard!!

Rendy said...

You ARE succeeding as a mother...in many ways! What a cutie with his clothes on or off.

Lee said...

The classic Kingston face cracks me up!