Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Walk, Run!

We have a runner! Up until now, Kingston has pretty much mastered walking fast, but hadn't yet tackled running. I said, until now.

After playing at the park for about an hour this morning, Kingston and I stopped by Grandpa's favorite place, Winks, also known as the Office, for a quick visit. After hanging out in Grandpa's arms for a few minutes while he took it all in, we let Kingston down to explore the greatest little market/convenience store on the planet. He went for the book aisle and then found some toys. Somehow we managed to keep him away from the real toy aisle. . . at least for now! I would hate for Grandpa to spend his retirement on crappy, touristy beach toys just because Kingston showed interest in them! As he started to really realize that he was actually down and allowed to explore in a store (instead of being held, in a cart, or in a stroller) Kingston began running up and down the aisles. Running. Not walking fast. Definitely running. Grandpa and I had to track him down a reign him in once the screaming in glee started! Be careful what you wish for. . . you just might get it. We have a runner.

While in Winks, we ran (literally) into our friends Will and Helen and they invited us to lunch. We had a fun time dining with them. Thanks for lunch, Will! Good thing I see him at work because we didn't really get to talk about anything at lunch between telling Kingston to stop throwing his toys on the floor and trying to keep Helen in her booster seat!

After naps, yes, that is naps, plural, since I took one, too, Kingston and I went for a walk/wagon ride around the block. We went to the gazebo at the end of the road to look around and check out the water. Boy did Kingston check it out. He headed right out into it like we had been going there and swimming for years. In fact, it was the first time we had gone there and gotten out to play. He had a blast playing in the shallow water. Next time we will take a towel and wear bathing suits! And next time I will get him to ride in the wagon all the way home without having multiple temper tantrums. Multiple. Severe ones. He would not sit in the wagon and the only option for him was for me to carry him. Wet, soggy diaper, loudly bumping wagon, pissy mama. I would bet we were a pretty funny sight to see walking home. Picture it. On second thought, don't.

So after an early bath to wash the funky sound water off, and an early dinner in hopes that the attitude was due to being hungry, Kingston and I headed to Harris Teeter to return a movie and cruise the aisles. While I was putting him back in his car seat to head home, I noticed that he has somehow chipped a tooth at some point in the day! I think it might have been during one of the fits in the wagon, but I can't be sure. Perhaps it was the cause of one of the fits in the wagon, but I can't be sure. It is very small and barely noticeable, but it is surely there. Lucky for us it is just a baby tooth and it is quite small. I tried to get a picture but it just really didn't do it justice.

Kingston is now sleeping soundly. Tomorrow he heads to Ms. Cindy's for the day and then is going to spend the night with Nana and Grandpa! I am going to have my very first solo beach day in about 2 years on Wednesday! I can't wait. Totally solo (except for some girlfriends) since Nigel left today for work in South Carolina until Thursday. I plan to keep us as busy as possible until he comes home just to pass the time. We sure do miss him when he's gone!

Temper tantrums are a lot more fun when you have someone to share them with.

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Rendy said...

What a busy day! Nana and Grandpa are looking forward to our house guest tomorrow night.